Virtues of Reality 

November 16 - 28, 2019

In his work x04x is exploring the phenomenological and structuralist processes of a production-oriented society in the context of his own individual artistic strategies. Based on heterogeneous and hybrid structures between human, technology and nature in the Anthropocene – the geological epoch defined by the action of humans – x04x combines biological with synthetic substances and archaic materials with technological aesthetics in the sculpture installation that was produced for SPACE NOUVELLE. For days, the artist builds, layers and ties the sculpture with linden wood elements, electronic waste, textile fabrics and other repurposed materials in a performative act. Similar to the construction of networks, the systematic supply of materials is creating new nodes and connections. This installation is actively growing in the exhibition space as a collective body and real structure, entering the sensual reality and generating an atmospheric denseness in the area of tension between craft and high technology.


x04x is the multidisciplinary art project, alter ego and label of the architect, designer, artist and urban activist Georg Wieser (b. 1984 in Innsbruck / Austria). Some of his selected exhibitions include Futurama Redux, shown at the Technical Museum Nikola Tesla, Zagreb (2017), Seattle Design Festival (2017) and the City Gallery, Hong Kong (2016) as well as US, NARCIST, Kunstverein EXTRA Satellit, Vienna (2017) and Voyage Voyage (8-hour techno and building performance in collab with SYN3A), Salon zur Wilden Renate, Berlin (2017). 

x04x artistic practice is based on constantly evolving bricolaged sculptures. They act as analogue fetishes to our increasingly digitizing culture and often refer to motives of science fiction and TV culture. These sculptures serve as origin of large-scale digital collages and are usually contextualized in atmospheric spatial installations. x04x also stages building performances in which he questions the relevance of body, work, labor and skill in relation to growing networks of technology in the age of the Anthropocene. 

He lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

Photos: Daniel Jarosch