Marie Blum 

A performative monument

December 2019

Marie Blum.

I am giving up my name,

so that on your behalf,

I might bear yours for a year.

What happens when monuments are no longer carved in stone?

Based on a poem by Serbian Romani writer Raјko Đurić, performance artist Esther Strauß 

(b. 1986 in Tyrol / Austria) is researching the history of newborns who were born and killed in National Socialist concentration camps. Marie Blum is one of those babies – she was born on September 5, 1943 in Ausschwitz-Birkenau and died three days later. Esther Strauss takes her own name and bears the name of Marie Blum for a year to commemorate her. The exhibition prefaces the initation of the process of the name change and provides an outlook on the performative monument, which will be created in the coming year from encounters, research, objects and documents – including the birth certificate of Esther Strauß' first child, on which the name Marie Blum will appear as the name of the mother.

Photos: Daniel Jarosch