Alina Özyurt / Myself is hidden under a black cap, 2011 - ongoing

"... they’re all crying for a logically coherent story, with a beginning and an end and of course the famous golden threat, which runs through all the words to keep them together. But I will not give them what they are asking for! The only thing that I’ll leave behind for them, are tatters and chunks and in the end a lot of dots without a point. They will have to join the dots on their own."

Alina Özyurt's work is documenting her observations, memories, fantasies and encounters. Her drawings depict scenes from her own life or the lives of others. The personal moments and snapshots are pieced together into an overarching narrative and combined in an overall installation. These drawn stories wander through the room organically and thereby open up to the viewer in a naturally fluent way.


Alina Özyurt (b. 1990 in Innsbruck / Austria) studied at the University for Applied Arts Vienna in the class of Jan Svenungsson. Some of her selected exhibitions include Draußen ist's viel schöner, MakerSpace, Vienna (2016), Stagediving, Marx Halle, special show at viennacontemporary, Vienna (2015), Mokuhan-Ehon, University of the Arts, Tokyo (2014), The Essence, Künstlerhaus, Wien (2014) and Stoffwechsel, MAK - Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna (2013). In addition, she held reading performances at the swiss literature festival Höhenflug, Zug (2018) and literature club Cognac und Biskotten, incl. an exhibition, Innsbruck (2017). The exhibition at SPACE NOUVELLE is her first comprehensive show. She lives and works in Vienna, Austria. 


AliPaloma / Alone in the Swarm, 2019

The installation Alone in the Swarm focuses on loneliness as a consequence of the digital age. It puts a special emphasis on the interplay of loneliness and social media. "Instead, digital community has made community – the we – deteriorate markedly. It is destroying the public sphere and heightening human isolation" said Byung - Chul Han in his book "In the Swarm: Digital Prospects" (2013). The modern-day hermits are seen as homo digitalis and they are placed in a very special setting – their beds: that is where they sleep, eat, work, tinder, like, compare and buy. In her essay "The Century of the Bed" the architectural historian Beatriz Colomina describes the bed as the ultimate prothesis of today’s bedridden society. The bed has always been a popular theme for artists and AliPaloma is integrating it as central element of her performing art. She spends hour after hour in a bed constantly connecting to a digital network. In this way she creates an artistic view into the bed but at the same time the bed becomes the window to the digital world.

AliPaloma (b. 1992 in Bressanone / Italy) is a multimedia artist and studies architecture at the University of Innsbruck. Working as a student assistant for two years at the department for architectural theory of the University of Innsbruck, she assisted in various projects.

She has presented her work at Stadtmuseum Bruneck, Water Light Festival Brixen, as well as in the exhibitions 50 x 50 x 50 Freiräume | Spaziliberi, Festung Franzensfeste (2019), Curated By You, Stadtgalerie Brixen (2017), Start, Galerie Prisma, Bolzano (2017). AliPaloma is the founder of thevulvaproject, a feminist jewelry project that celebrates diversity and criticizes the ideal image of a "perfect vulva", which leads to a boom of labia surgery worldwide. She lives and works between Bressanone, Italy and Innsbruck, Austria.

Photos: Daniel Jarosch