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Hiroyuki Abe / Alessandra De Angelis / Sophia Frieling / Manuela Illera /

Jonghoon Im / Nele Ka / Abir Kobeissi / Kazunori Kura / Martina Marini Misterioso / Sara Mayoral / Eduardo Palomares /

Jieun Park / Tamy Plank / Merlin Stadler / Yuri Togawa 

September 8 - 18, 2019

Exhibition view, Abir Kobeissi, April 18, 1996, 2019, Eduardo Palomares, 07.09.2019/Akademiestraße 80799 Munich/Südbahnstraße, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria, 2019, Manuela Illera, Fem, 2018, Merlin Stadler, Nude, 2019, SPACE NOUVELLE, 2019


Exhibition view, Manuela Illera, Fem, 2018, Merlin Stadler, Nude, 2019, SPACE NOUVELLE, 2019


Exhibition view, Eduardo Palomares, 07.09.2019/Akademiestraße 80799 Munich/Südbahnstraße, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria, 2019, Detail,



Exhibition view, Kazunori Kura,16 words from a diary between 23 Nov. 2017 and 29 Aug. 2019, 2019, Jonghoon Im, Lebendigkeit aus Ohnmacht, 2018, SPACE NOUVELLE, 2019


Exhibition view, Alessandra De Angelis, Untitled, 2019, Martina Marini Misterioso, Landscape, 2019, SPACE NOUVELLE, 2019

006 Space Nouvelle_2019.jpg

Exhibition view, Martina Marini Misterioso, Landscape, 2019, Detail, SPACE NOUVELLE, 2019


Exhibition view, Hiroyuki Abe, Untitled, 2018, SPACE NOUVELLE, 2019


Exhibition view, Sara Mayoral, The order within rugby performance, 2019, Yuri Togawa, Untitled, 2019, Nele Ka, THE UNIVERSAL RELIANCE ON A MISTAKE, 2019, SPACE NOUVELLE, 2019


Exhibition view, Tamy Plank, Individual Titels, 2018, Nele Ka, THE UNIVERSAL RELIANCE ON A MISTAKE, 2019, Jieun Park, trace, 2018, SPACE NOUVELLE, 2019


Exhibition view, Tamy Plank, Individual Titels, 2018, SPACE NOUVELLE, 2019


Exhibition view, Yuri Togawa, Untitled, 2019, Manuela Illera,Tetarinas, 2019, SPACE NOUVELLE, 2019


Exhibition view, Manuela Illera,Tetarinas, 2019, Detail, SPACE NOUVELLE, 2019


Exhibition view, Sophia Frieling, Untitled, 2018, SPACE NOUVELLE, 2019


Exhibition view, Nele Ka, Blue Interventions, 2019, SPACE NOUVELLE, 2019

Photos: Daniel Jarosch

Hiroyuki Abe (b. 1985 in Tochigi / Japan)

Hiroyuki’s work is not clear whether it is a picture, an installation or a sculpture. It is also unknown whether the title is a sentence, a symbol or a word. Art is not necessarily in a fixed format. Art is very vague compared to other communication tools (like words). But he feels that it is the attractiveness and potential of art. The words are convenient but sometimes it is very inconvenient. Because words are so objective that they create stereotypes. For example, when we hear „painting“ „title“, we have the image „painting = A, title = B“. And we care, if the image is so-called objective. It is very clear and easy to understand that you decide words, meanings and plans at first, and make things in line with the plans. However, in that case, the direction seems to be one way. Hiroyuki Abe feels that direction is not only one direction.


Alessandra De Angelis (b. 1988 in Salerno / Italy)

Alessandra De Angelis works with Painting and Photography. She got a master's degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Napoli, Italy and deepens her studies in Munich with professor Jorinde Voigt. Her works are visualizations of the trace left by missing things.

Sophia Frieling (b. 1981 in Freising near Munich / Germany)

I often end up with my interest in provisional arrangements. Something that can precisely because of the defect of duration and space expand them, while provoking a double image: a loss of reality, while a simultaneously stepped up feeling for it. To fail is an essential part of the work, as well as its coping.

Manuela Illera (b. 1988 in Bogotá / Colombia)

Manuela Illera is Latin-American interdisciplinary artist who works and explores different materials. In the search to unite several disciplines in order to send a political message, in her latest works she opened to the field of video and installation, in which the conceptual development of the projects and their political burden has brought the need to work with sculpture, sound, and video. The artist guidelines are determined by the intersectionality of her experience as an artist, woman, and immigrant. Her quest, for example, includes the creation of a piece that proposes a civilization of women that resides in star space under a feminist and egalitarian mandate.

Jonghoon Im (b. 1988 in Cheonan / South Korea)

Mythologically significant animals and plants play a central part in Jonghoon Im’s artistic work. They serve him as projection surfaces for his associative approach, influenced by his own experiences and ideas, to the two fundamental aspects of life – appearing and passing away.

Nele Ka (b. in Augsburg / Germany)

Nele Ka understands her work as an open-ended research process within a socio-social diversity of a universal variable that is visible from different perspectives. The social transformation is an essential part of her artistic conceptual exploration. She researched the contribution of the arts within peace and conflict research. She worked with an international artist collective, Utopia Toolbox, on an artistic-conceptual reactivation of an industrial site with a free art project Orangerie in Augsburg and she was also involved in international human rights organizations. She has been a member of the partner network „Cultural Education and Culture Policy“ of the German Unesco Commission for the UN Decade and World Action Program Education for Sustainable Development.

Abir Kobeissi (b. 1988 in Beirut / Lebanon)

Manifesting the many-faceted and rapidly changing city, Kobeissi’s expressive artworks comment on nostalgia and alienation in Lebanon’s capital, documenting how she considers herself simultaneously a native and a stranger to the city. Adopting the concept of the „Containers“, manifested as water tanks, gas cylinders and other symbols of urban life and survival in Lebanon, the artist experiments in various medias and techniques with this connecting underlying theme. Seeing the city itself as a Container – a pulsating entity of its own containing millions of stories within its walls – she conceptualizes symbols of urbanism and removal from nature, and within it, paradoxically, the humanity of the metropolis.

Kazunori Kura (b. 1986 in Tokyo / Japan)

Kazunori Kura is always asking himself while producing his works, how things and phenomena exist in the world where we live. He grasps that their existence could just be imaginations that we have created, because we are not living „in fact“, but rather „in reality“. In order for the facts to perform their role in our lives, it is important that we can believe them to be our reality. 

Kura’s works are produced by thinking about „The Energy that manifests the existence of things and phenomena“. All his works display the paths that he followed while thinking about this theme. To reflect the thought process, He uses different materials, techniques, and methods for each work. But in any case, the starting point is always the question for existence itself.

Martina Marini Misterioso (b. 1990 in Pescara / Italy)

Martina Marini Misterioso works with different media including performance. She collaborates with other artists too. In her personal practice she investigates the nature of her needs, in a perpetual dialogue between her inner world and the shared reality. 

Before studying at the Art Academy of Munich, she attended the Art Academy of Brera, Milan. Between one and the other she did a course in Permaculture, method and philosophy that she greatly admires.


Sara Mayoral (b. 1993 in Madrid / Spain)

What we feel against what we think. Timeless. What part of the story we want to show and what part we decided to hide. Finding a graphical solution to show in two dimensions, something that involves many more. Deconstruction of concepts and ideas, new symbologies, different codes, different interpretations, different ways of seeing, a new language to evolve.

Eduardo Palomares (b. 1993 in Madrid / Spain)

Eduardo Palomares has studied in Madrid and Munich tutored by Jorinde Voigt, Pola Sieverding and Eva Grubinger. His work is an artistic and historical interpretation of reality. To understand this reality, he is working with the main aspects of humanity: religion, symbolism, history, politics, and power.

Jieun Park (b. 1989 in Cheongju / Korea)

Jieun Park focuses on relationships and consequences. She thinks of herself as collectively aggregate of past relationships. She learns from and is influenced by past expertises whether those were planned or by chance. She believes her life is shaped by those experiences. She believes all lives are such way.

Tamy Plank (b. 1989 in Dachau / Germany)

Adventure 3: And then we painted a spot. A black spot. Theresa thought it looked like a bad tribal tattoo, but the leading artist did not care.
Adventure 264: Decode your world. Capture fragments of life. Translate into a new medium, then back again. Abstract system of rules. Situational Sensations. Sphere of sentimental sensibility. Freedom of artistic expression. Shift between planned rationality and subjective feeling. Adventure 25: My passion always wins. This ridiculous obsession with love. Love me tender. Filling the void. Relate with me.

Merlin Stadler (b. in Germany)

The intersection of art and science has always been fascinating to me. Using a variety of materials and modern fabrication methods like 3D printing my goal is to find a method of communication that incorporates the strengths of both fields. My current project is dealing with the demise of a Neolithic culture which faced a sudden change of climate. Their decisions are mirroring ours to a frightening degree, the only difference between us being 7000 years of time. This poses the question if there might be certain behavior patterns that societies are hard-wired to follow if faced with stress. This seems likely since these behaviors have been observed in a lot of cultures throughout history.

Yuri Togawa (b. in Japan)

For Yuri Togawa painting and sculpturing are the way to give place in the real world to the things, which are something trivial, some funny words or nameless motifs occurring to her suddenly in her everyday life. She studied literature and cultural studies in Japan and now she lives in Munich with ten cats.

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